Big Polluters: Avoiding Taxes For The Good Of Society?

Money has a way of corrupting people even the most righteous and honest people on earth. It has a way of making people succumb themselves to unethical decisions for the purpose of greed. Money is not only a means of payment for items but it is also the root cause for the downfall of countless individuals.

Corporate oil companies are examples of individuals that have been severely lacking in good. In recent years, there have been a number of oil spills. The most recent one is the BP oil spill in the gulf. Even though blame cannot be placed on it for the incident occurring in the first place, BP needs to be held responsible for their lack of commitment to the environment to completely fund for the clean up of the mess. Oil is still present in the gulf one year later. Plants have all withered away and animals have either died or fled their once previous homes. There were numerous endangered species living in the locations most affected by the oil spill. Thousands of people have sacrificed countless hours and labor working for years to rebuild the populations of these species. Now their numbers are basically almost the same as before any effort was made to rebuild. All the hard work and time were for nothing.

Oil companies are not paying their fair share of taxes. BP just recently took a $10 million tax break in order to recover from the lost revenue of the oil spill. That amount alone would completely cover the entire budget of the EPA which is $9.5 million. The question that we have to ask ourselves is why are Americans allowing BP to go about business scotch free while others are suffering under their hands? The EPA had to undergo budget cuts just to stay afloat. The U.S. definitely needs the EPA more than we need another oil company. The EPA is what keeps the environment from becoming worse than it is already.

Thousands of potential tax revenue are not filed because oil companies have found numerous tax loopholes that consequently allows them to pay less than they were originally supposed to. Americans could have used that money to save thousands of jobs like teachers, police officers, firefighters who are now currently working for low pay or have been laid off. It should not be considered ethical that oil company executives are receiving bonuses and are taking lavish vacations while millions of people are working just to get by. These executives are no different than anyone else in the U.S. Therefore, they should be treated the same way as everyone else. Like everyone else, they should file their taxes honestly and fairly without finding loopholes in the tax system.

Money has become such a priority for the majority of the oil companies that they are willing to lie and cheat to make certain that they pay the least amount of taxes. It has brought about a change in the mindset of oil companies in regards to what is more important, from making ethical decisions that work towards promoting the common good of society to making decisions that produce as much money as humanly possible.

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