James Bond: Hero with Swagger

Almost all of today’s Americans from ages 10 to 60 are able to accurately describe their very favorite James Bond scene in which a countless number of talented actors were depicted evading impossible situations and of course…getting the gorgeous girl.  James Bond is the epitome of a hero that employs physical as well as moral courage.  There are over 20 James Bond movies in circulation since the late 1950’s.  In each film, protagonist James Bond defies physics, gravity, common sense and the most of evil of villains with a wide array of gadgets and with an daunting aura of confidence.  I believe this aspect of Bond’s character leaves society with this sense of heroism towards Bond.  He is able to face such intense situations day in and day out without the blink of an eye.  Is that not what we all want in our heroes?  Someone that can defeat evil in its purest form and do so with apparent perfection.  Bond appears simply flawless in every aspect of his character from one movie to the next.  Whether Bond is taking down the infamous Dr. No or Goldfinger’s tyrannous reign, the viewer will ALWAYS find themselves on the edge of their seat rooting for the one and only Bond, James Bond.  This charisma surrounding Bond draws viewers and fictitious characters alike to him without fail and only adds to his heroic quality.  Society is drawn to that “cool” sense of heroism in which little apparent effort is required to perform a task such as saving the world, or getting the girl (for the 25th time…)  The influence of James Bond is endless in that his character has spawned other comedic characters such as Austin Powers and Johnny English.  These examples only increase Bond’s popularity as a kick-ass hero and truly show the wide influence this epic character has upon the film industry as a whole.  The aspect of Bond’s hero that remains distinct is his innate ability to remain immune to the effects of time.  As a society, we tend to oust of heroes shortly after our hyped infatuation with their abilities or personality in general.  Clearly defined by the success enjoyed by Bond’s creator Ian Fleming, we see that Bond’s status as hero has only increased as time has passed.

  1. #1 by urpm6au on April 30, 2011 - 9:45 pm

    It is interesting how you talked about James Bond being “flawless”. Society does seem to love the flawlessness of heroes, probably because of our perfectionist culture. He is also flawless not only during his missions but in the outcome by “getting the girl”. In our culture, such an achievement is highly sought, thus drawing more people towards his image. Bond seems like he has it all, probably explaining why society loves him so greatly.

  2. #2 by urcl2si on May 1, 2011 - 8:10 pm

    As good a hero as James Bond is, he still possesses some unorthodox traits of characters. James is fiercely independent and sometimes acts on his feet, relying more on his wit and his own judgment of the moment rather than following strict orders from his superiors. For a secret operative, this can be considered to some degree a flaw, for James’ independent nature sometimes gets the better of him and undermine the importance of the mission, as well as endanger people around him. Yet in the grand scheme of things, it is such uncompromising and relentless characteristics that forge a real hero who fights for what he believes is right and just.

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