Adolf Hitler: Using Trickery to Distort Heroism

No one could be thought of as more villainous as Adolf Hitler. Yet, the fact that he deceived the majority of the German people into believing that he was a hero is a truly sickening fact. As the leader of the Nazi Party of Germany, he publicized and propagandized his distorted idealisms of Aryan race supremacy and extremist views of nationalism. He targeted his propaganda against the peaceful co-existence of the world’s nations created by the Versailles Treaty that, in essence, ended World War I. With the Treaty essentially blaming Germany for the war and imposing financial penalties, it was quite easy to unite the German people. But Hitler escalated the attack when he turned his attention to different factions, such as communists, Catholics, homosexuals, paraplegics, and, most importantly, the Jews, creating false generalizations in order to stir up more xenophobic anger and animosity amongst the German people.

Hitler used his skills of persuasion to mold Jews as a target of an empire, stating that Jews were directly responsible for all of Germany’s domestic issues. He used his intimidation and determined persona to obtain power by convincing the German majority of the need for another Reich, rising to the role of dictator of the Third Reich in June, 1934. He eventually solidified his dictatorial rule by uniting the positions of Fuhrer and Chancellor in August, 1934, after the death of Fuhrer Paul von Hindenburg. Thereafter, the German army swore an oath of obedience to Hitler and his Nazi cause, establishing the Gestapo, the secret police, with the authority to incarcerate and even kill any German deemed anti-Nazi. This, in turn, created a sense of unease and fear intimidating the German population into submission of Nazi rule.

Many were blindsided and led into a promise of change and hope that was never properly envisioned. Hitler had amassed so much power that it was nigh impossible to control him. His total control over German society thus allowed him to establish outrageous and hateful institutions such concentration camps, which cruelly killed Jews and other oppressed groups deemed inferior to the Aryan bloodline. Furthermore, he enacted the Nuremberg racial laws against the Jews and furthered the destruction of churches and temples. Sneakily, Hitler concealed such evil enactments with his territorial expansion, campaigns of a united Germany and countless victories. Displaying nationalistic successes created a large sense of euphoria amongst the public, thus shifting the focus away from the atrocities. Then, the cause to expand the empire began, and World War II began. Using German Blitzkrieg tactics, Hitler attacked quickly and swiftly, first with aircraft bombers and fighters taking out airfields, communication stations, and military installations, using mobile armor and infantry to annihilate anything remaining. Such a brutal and ruthless strategy was extremely successful: Poland fell in less than a month, Denmark and Norway in two months, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and France in six weeks.

However, what is more unbelievable and shocking is how this one man attained such power so quickly and then convinced a nation to support anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred. It is quite mindboggling that his ability to make powerful, cunning speeches was used as diversion to trick and to motivate such evil acts. Thankfully, modern-day Germany now has completely disassociated itself with Hitler and his regime, ashamed of that part of history.  

Despite such disassociation, Hitler remains a prime example of villainy. Society must always remember him as an example of a leader in order to avoid any repetition of such awful events, for it will definitely be an absolutely tragic day when another Hitler rises to power.

  1. #1 by urcl2si on May 1, 2011 - 8:17 pm

    Although most people are quick to denounce Hitler and his evil cunning, it is also important to recognize that deep inside, he still possesses some highly humane and “soft” characteristics. One of the incident leading to Hitler’s early mental and personal development was the loss of his mother. Hitler was deeply attached to his mother and always reserved a sacred spot for her. After her death, Hitler was driven to insane denial hatred and rejection. This partly led to him trying to find a scapegoat (the Jews) and fueled his hatred for them. In his death, it was said that Hitler was still holding a picture of his mother when his corpse was found. There’s indeed a humane component in even the most villainous individual.

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